Dwayne C Singleton LLC.

Lawyer Endorsements

“I endorse this talented and knowledgeable attorney, who is well-respected in the legal community.”

John Ralls, Oil and Gas Attorney

“Top-notch defense lawyer. Highly respected in the legal community.”

Aaron Harper, DUI and DWI Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer.”

Patrick Donovan, Criminal Defense Attorney

“A fine attorney whose trial skills are enviable.”

Nicholas Granade, Family Attorney

“I have observed Dwayne Singleton’s trial skills in advanced seminars for DUI defense. He has a terrific command of the courtroom, and extensive knowledge in defending any kind of criminal case. Dwayne is well known and well respected in the legal community which always assists his clients. He is aggressive and prepared when he comes to court. He also cares about what happens to his clients. You would be very well served to have Mr. Singleton as your attorney.”

Kimberly Frye, DUI and DWI Attorney

“I had the opportunity to see Dwayne present an opening statement at a recent DUI seminar. He is an extremely effective trial lawyer, is a great communicator and someone that understand the science of DUI law. If you are charged with a DUI you should call Dwayne.”

Michael DelSignore, DUI and DWI Attorney

“Dwayne is a phenomenal DUI lawyer who delivers exceptional results for his clients. If you are fortunate enough to have Dwayne on your side, you will find that he meticulously prepares his cases, and he simply does not compromise in his efforts to obtain the very best results for you. Dwayne has obtained some of the very best advanced trial skills training available, and it shows in the courtoom. I regularly rely upon Dwayne’s advice in the representation of my clients, and I have found his knowledge of the law and the courts in which he practices to be “second to none.” I highly recommend Dwayne Singleton.”

D. Sessions, DUI and DWI Attorney

“I have had the opportunity and pleasure to deal with Dwayne Singleton and found him to be professional, knowledgable and a good advocate for his clients.”

Glen Ashman, Divorce and separation Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer’s work. Dwayne has always obtained fantastic results for his clients. His professionalism and compassion rise to extraordinary. Dwayne is a highly trained lawyer who possesses great skill in the court room. I would highly recommend Dwayne to all looking for a quality attorney to assist them in their time of need when faced with criminal charges.”

Anthony Kalka, Car Accident Attorney